Voiceover Magic!

I’ve got an (Award-Winning) Voiceover Village living inside of me.

The evidence is strong that I came onto the planet destined to be a voiceover artist. At age 8, while other kids romped sunshine, I (gently) kidnapped my baby brother–giving him dozens of characters to record, over sound effects: making radio dramas long before I knew what they were. I’ve been blessed to work in studios and remotely for clients all over the globe, from Los Angeles to the United Kingdom…and I’ve brought words to life in almost every arena of vo…

animation + commercials + video games + eLearning + audiobooks + IVR + ADR + dubbing + industrials + documentary narration + Spanish…

Below you will find speedy 60-Second Demos highlighting some of my favorite work; feel free to reach out if you’d like the extended versions.

Your VO FanGirl,



Matt Chassin Management, 818-484-0339, Matt@MattsMarketing.com

J Pervis Talent, 404-688-9700, Jayme@JPervisTalent.com


TV (National Education Assn.)

RADIO (Beefeater Gin, UK)

RADIO (Festival Shops)

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