Have you ever dozed off (or wanted to) during a webinar, conference or summit?
I have!

That's why I do Hosting...definitely differently!

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Your event is important. The knowledge you’re bringing…the experiences you’re offering… they can change the world (and definitely change the lives of your attendees).

And, up-leveling in any form ought to be FUN. (What?!)

Yessss. You read that right. FUN

Using my treasure-trove of experience, I make sure your event runs like a smooth cappuccino…and that your speakers, panelists and guests walk away feeling energized, enlightened and empowered.

From teeny groups to hundreds of humans, I’m comfortable guiding your adventure to a very successful conclusion.

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A bit of my background:

+Award-winning Actor and Comedienne (yes, you’ve seen me on t.v.!)

+Black-belt in Improvisation (trained with The Groundlings in Los Angeles, California)

+Award-winning Toastmaster

+Member of the National Speakers Association

+1000s of hours coaching, online via Zoom, both 1:1 and groups

+Skilled Speaker, Keynoter and Workshop Leader focusing on Radical Self-Care and Finding Your Authentic Speaking Voice

+Harvard grad voted “One of the Ten Funniest” by the student body thanks to my hilarious, daily-changing outgoing voicemail messages!

…and much more! Ask me!

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Happy Clients include...