Sometimes, a little VO Coach Magic is all you need…



It’s my honor to help you find your unique voiceover magic (and to be sure…we all have some). Using my 15+ years as a busy Voiceover Coach, blessed Wellness Consultant for Creatives, and booked VO Artist…my clients tell me that I transform their voiceover journeys, infuse confidence (backed by solid technique and technology skill), hold the space for the big breakthroughs…and bring them closer to the VO aims and goals they envision. It would be my pleasure to do the same for you. For information about any of the offerings below, email me at or feel free to reach out if we’re connected on Social Media!


+Are you an Educator who wants to bring Voiceover to your students?

I’m a Masterclass Voiceover Instructor for a wide range of humans…ranging from Masters of Fine Arts Graduate Students…to brilliant young artists at “Actors for Autism” and Performing Arts Studio West in Los Angeles. I adore teaching groups of all sizes, from tiny to ginormous–and one of my superpowers is customizing curriculums to make sure your very snowflake-unique group’s needs are well met. These Group Sessions can be fully online via Zoom…hybrid-where-possible…or in-person where possible; Sessions are recorded and all materials (video, audio and Power Points) are made available.


+Private 1:1 Voiceover Coaching:

As my schedule allows, I do a limited number of One-to-One Zoom Coaching Sessions, in lengths of 60 minutes. Conducted on Zoom, you can be anywhere in the world and move towards your VO Dreams. My clients range from beginners to award-winning-faces-you-know from film and television, and everyone in between.


+Corporate Voiceover Coachings/Trainings:

Here’s an amazing thing: ANYONE who uses their voice as part of their work can benefit wildly from Voiceover training.

Who are these Humans?

+Anyone who needs to “pitch” or “present” as part of their job

+Public/Keynote Speakers

+Toastmasters Members


+Wellness Instructors (Yoga, Pilates, Boot Camps, etc.!) who want to find their authentic voice and be in confidence and command during their interactions

…and the list goes happily on.

Available via Zoom and live-when-possible, customizable to include everything from fundamentals to advanced upgrades for Working Pros. These groups can be a single session or multiple sessions over the course of several weeks, always tailored to the group’s goals.

Three recent examples:

  1. An 8-hour, single-day-long Workshop, for a collection of wildly creative Public Radio/Television Producers who wanted to understand VO “from the Actor perspective” so they could write/direct more fully…and…
  2. A three-month, weekly “Voiceover Workout” for Actors who wanted a Voiceover Gym to come to, for coaching and direction on auditions, choosing material, demos, and tech.
  3. 1:1 Coaching for an Entrepreneur who wanted to be more comfortable relaying her message to clients…

Having spent many years in the corporate universe myself, I’m extremely comfortably translating Voiceover Tools to up-level business performance and confidence. It would be my pleasure to assist you (and your Team/s).


+Pro Home VO Studio set-up and training

For many years, I’ve been assisting my clients all over the globe to set up broadcast-quality, industry standard meeting-and surpassing Home Pro VO Studios (secret: the equipment you need, without the computer, is far, far less pricey than you might imaging, if you know what to seek and how to use it!). My focus is on getting your studio space to “audiobook industry standards,” because even if you never want to voice an audiobook…audiobooks have the strictest tech/sound requirements of any VO on the planet! Once you’re “calibrated” for audiobooks, you’re good to go for anything else. These Sessions are typically 3-4 hours, and include two weeks of follow-up emailed feedback on new files created in your excellent new Studio. These Sessions are conducted extremely successfully via Zoom.


+The 90-Day Voiceover Mentorship

This Group Mentorship Program is designed to take Humans to their next Voiceover level (both beginner and Pros are welcomed–and all in between; instruction is balanced between group foundations and customized accountability). Enrollment is limited, and a Zoom pre-enrollment interview is required. The next Session of this deep-dive will start at a to-be-determined date in 2024, and includes 1:1 Mentorship, recorded weekly Zoom group meetings, lectures, PowerPoints and PDF materials for review, a private chat group, monthly Office Hours, and access to the Mentor Goddess for consultation on time-sensitive questions.


+Have a coaching or instruction need not listed? I’m always brainstorming new offerings; please reach out and let’s chat!


Can’t wait to help you create!