“VO 101” online voiceover course offered by Lori Wyman Casting in partnership with Karen-Eileen Gordon + EarBliss!

6-WEEK online “VO 101” begins Wednesday May 1, 2019…and 5 following Wednesdays afterward until JUNE 5, each class from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST VIA ZOOM!


FROM KAREN EILEEN: THE FOLLOWING IS HAPPILY RE-SHARED FROM CD LORI WYMAN’S “ORGANIC ACTOR” NEWSLETTER! Link to join the FULLY-ONLINE LIVE VO CLASS, “VO 1o1,” is at the bottom, we have only a few spots remaining and we’d love to see you there if this feels like a VO Match! Wherever you are in your VO Journey, this class has some powerful tools for you–and I do mean wherever you are: total beginner, actor wanting to expand your VO practice, or seasoned VO Pro looking for the next level! I am SO EXCITED to be offering this course, which you can take from anywhere in the world in your pajamas. We’ll be covering all the basics: performance, learning the business of VO, tech skills (including setting up a professional Home Studio VERY reasonably), and the Pro VO Mindset. Join us!
“We are in the world of technology. When I first started in this business, I would conduct a casting like this:
I’d CALL the agents and READ a breakdown of everything I was looking for to the agent. They would write it all down. If it was a big casting, it could take me up to 1/2 hour just to read it to ONE agent. It would sometimes take me ALL day just to put one breakdown out. Then the fax machine was invented and then I could type up a breakdown and fax it to everyone and get the entire casting out in less than 1/2 hour. The agents would then ask for timeslots and I would verbally give them out. The actors would drive from ALL OVER just for a 5 minute OR LESS audition. After my audition was over, I’d drive like crazy to my local Fed Ex office to get the video tapes and photos out to my client for an overnight delivery. We did castings this way for many years. 
FAST FORWARD to today, the year 2019. We have the beauty of self taping and emailing and posting breakdowns and booking right from the tapings. If you are a Voice Artist, you don’t even have to show up for the actual shoot oftentimes. If you have a production quality voiceover set up in your home, you can record the actual job from the comfort of your personal space. This is no joke. 
Do you know how to use this powerful tool to its fullest capacity? Did you know that there is a whole world of paid work using your VOICE? Not just singing and acting, but VOICE OVER work. Podcasts, Voicing books, Voicing TV shows and movies into other languages, and so much more. There are ways to use your voice that you never even thought of. 
My good friend Karen-Eileen Gordon makes a good portion of her earnings just using her voice. When I heard all of the ways that she uses her voice, I was amazed. 
You would never even know this stuff if someone didn’t tell you. AND Karen-Eileen is going to tell you EXACTLY how to do it Starting THIS May 1st for a 5 week ONLINE course. You can take this class from ANYWHERE in the WORLD, actually! We are using the technology that is available to us today to bring this valuable course to you. You can learn from the best from the comfort of your own space.
If you want to add this wonderful tool to your kit for 2019, then sign up NOW. 
To register click here. There is so much you can do as an actor and this voiceover course will share exactly how to do that.
To your success!
Lori (and your VO Instructress Karen-Eileen!)