Radical Self-Care for Creatives

Creative Humans make the world go around. You…I mean you. Are you a Creative Human? Yessss. And if you create anything that then comes forth onto the planet and lives and interacts with others, that is DEFINITELY you…Art? Delicious food? Inventions? Companies? Are you bringing to life movies-tv-vo-stage? Bringing forth keynotes or workshops? Is your creation an amazing match-game-set-routine-run in the sports universe? Have you gifted us with songs, clothing, apps, or a new way of viewing something? You. Are. A. Creative. And in my humble opinion, you have chosen one of the Highest Callings possible. The demands upon a Creative Human are…unique. Levels of boosted mental-emotional-Spiritual-physical energies are required. I believe a very boosted level of self-care is also required, to help us be THRIVING Creatives. To stay whole and well and nourished and sane and connected as we expand and grow. Radical Self-Care. Welcome.