Lori Wyman + Karen-Eileen Gordon present: an Awesome Voiceover Workshop!

HelloHello! Voiceover Coachess Karen-Eileen Gordon here, welcome!
Excellent Casting Director Lori S. Wyman is hosting me to bring a delicious VOICEOVER WORKSHOP to you, via Zoom of course!
How to Find VO Gigs…
and Create Your Own Content and Monetize It!
+We meet:
10AM – 2PM EST
(ONLINE, ZOOM link sent once you register!)
+With a bonus FOLLOWUP CLASS:
Thursday October 8th, 2020
because we want you to be supported as you move forward with the information provided. 
Because many of you have asked…if you are unable to attend either one or both of these Sessions and still would like the information, PLEASE SIGN UP, let Lori’s Office know you will NOT be present–and full recordings of both Sessions will be send to you (full recordings of both Sessions will be sent as well TO ALL WHO ATTEND LIVE).
***THIS CLASS ASSUMES that you either HAVE a Pro Home VO Studio, or will connect with someone in near future to set that up, and get training on producing network quality, industry standard voiceover files FROM HOME…you can absolutely benefit from this class without a Home Pro VO Studio–because this class focuses on WHERE the voiceover jobs live, and also how to create your own and generate income from them…crucial knowledge as you move forward as CEO of your thriving VO career path.***
Setting up you Pro Home VO Studio is notnotnot the focus of this class…however if there is enough interest, Lori and I are happy to do a return of the course that DOES address that, called “VO TECH BOOTCAMP,” offered with smash success earlier this year! LET US KNOW! All students will receive a detailed PDF with links for basic equipment I both recommend and use, to set up that Home Studio if you want to get a head start.
***And I say this before every class, because it’s true: if I could wave my magical Hogwarts wand and give each of you the ginormous VO Career of Your Dreams, I would! Alas, that SuperPower is currently outside of my ability. No class or workshop in VO can ever guarantee how much income you will make, how long it will take, what your level of success will be. (If anyone ever promises you that, pleasepleaseplease thank them…and then peacefully/quickly walk away, or end the call!) What we can say is that your brain will be more full of knowledge after this class…and that these tools, tips and suggestions can help your to chart your own course towards the voiceover career you desire.***
(Cool piece of entertainment world trivia: Voiceover Actors have actually been working peacefully from home in their PJs at 3am if they want–for more than a decade!!!)
This class is all about helping you understand where the VO work lives as well as how to create your own VO work and generate cash flow from that.
From Ms. Wyman herself:
“There are LOTS of projects that are shooting NOW that need VoiceOver Artists and this class is specifically designed to help you find that VO work.
You will receive a very in-depth PDF on all of the equipment you will need for your VO studio and we will have a follow up class after this Saturday, Sept 26th 10A-2P (Online) class, Followup Class On Thursday October 8th from 7-9pm (Online) to make sure you are on the right track.
Investment is:
$197 if you sign up before Sept 21, 2020
Regular Price is $247
This class can make all the difference in the world to kickstart or reignite your VoiceOver Career. If this class calls to you,
(From Karen-Eileen: Any trouble with those links email or call Lori Wyman’s Office:
305-354-3901, or email them: LoriWymanCasting@aol.com)
To Your VO Success!
Karen-Eileen and Lori